The following story is about a senior who benefits from an innovative, personalized approach to care used at the Institute for patients with cognitive problems.

Espace Sensoriel is a comfortable and accessible room where patients can obtain relief thanks to aromatherapy, virtual reality and video projections. They can go there on their own or accompanied by a volunteer or a member of the medical team.

The story of Diane and Yvon

Diane Courtemanche has been Yvon Ainsley’s home worker for eight years. They love taking long walks together. Unfortunately, Diane has seen Yvon’s behaviour change since he developed Alzheimer’s Disease. While he once had the patience of an angel, now he can be aggressive. But as soon as Diane takes him to the Espace Sensorial and projects his favourite images of nature, accompanied by opera music, Yvon closes his eyes and becomes calm (Yvon loves opera!).

For Diane, the personalized approach provided by the Espace Sensoriel really works miracles. She knows that Yvon also goes there alone, attracted by the soft green and blue lighting. For him, spending time in the room relaxing, walking and listening to music are part of his daily pleasures. Just like calling Diane “dearie”, even though she’s just a good friend…